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November 13, 2015

Krista Brackin Photography Chester County, PA Wedding, Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

I am so happy to be able to share my first blog post with you! The last year has been an exciting whirlwind of change and things are hitting a high note right now as we prep for many holiday festivities!

Some great parts of my 2015: 

  1. I survived my first year in a new full-time job. I’ve learned and grown an uncanny amount which has helped me to hone in on what I think is my “true calling” – does anyone ever really know for sure?
  2. I officially turned 1/4! Since everyone tells me 25 means I have to be a real adult, does this mean I get to have an early mid-life crisis?  🙂
  3. After dating since 2008, he FINALLY popped the question (or as I like to say, P’ed the Q) on August 11th, 2014. Through the end of 2014, I worked through the fun, albeit oblivious, part of wedding planning prior to jumping into the “land of no wedding planning return”. 
  4. The big day was October 3rd, 2015! Surrounded by family and our closest friends, we embarked on this incredible journey – probably the most important one of our lives!

Those are some pretty important things to pack into one short year! If you had asked me how I felt about my wedding planning process two months ago, you probably would have gotten some version of sarcasm accompanied by a request for more wine 🙂 but looking back my realizations are that

Planning an event with a full time job is hard.
Navigating wedding politics as a chronic people pleaser is hard. 

Weddings in general are hard.

That said, I will admit that the whole process was one of my toughest yet most rewarding experiences to date. Our whole weekend was full of genuine, warm-hearted conversations, more hugs than I ever thought possible, some seriously epic laughs and so much pure love and respect from everyone close to our hearts both near and far. Our struggles truly became worthwhile!

And now, as we wind down from this year of change, I’m wholeheartedly jumping into what I’m sure will be another exciting year of growth and new opportunities. The healthcare field has been good to me for so long but in my track, I rarely have the opportunity to do what I love the most – help people. Right or wrong, it’s that thing that makes me feel like my hard work is worthwhile and keeps me coming back every day. Without it, I frequently find myself asking those hard questions – “am I making positive change in the lives of others”, “is there a point” and “am I happy in my career”. When I started answering “NO” is when I finally realized, my calling has changed. I need to be doing what I love behind the camera and being here with you.

I’m not exactly sure what this will morph into just yet but I have high hopes and big plans to share with you along the way 🙂 I plan to share little snippets of life and this journey every week so be sure to stop by and say hi again soon!

Thank you for taking this leap of faith with me!
Knowing I have great friends to lean on makes this all so much more fun!


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